Business Angel Program 2020

Vi bygger Angel Investor Netverk i Asker og Bærum

There is a pool of creative souls who are eager to create innovative solutions with their startup ideas. There is another pool of generous people who want to support and invest in creative good ideas. Above all, there is a gap between the pools.

Together with Bærum International Hub and Askershus, Bærum Næringsråd is investing in a Business Angel project, where we work together to build an investor network and connect this netweork with different startup environments in Asker and Bærum.
During the program the investors are equipped with some tools and knowledge about how to evaluate a startup, the basics of business analysis and of angel investing, to recognize the investment opportunities and so much more!

The course is now finished, and we will evaluate the utility value for both startups and the investor network, before we decide to start a new course in 2021.

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